About us

Mexican family company was founded on November 16, 2016, to provide a marketing channel for the organization’s beekeeping production and beekeepers in the eastern region of the state of Yucatan. Area of the region characterized by beekeeping.


Produce and market quality bee products nationally and internationally. Through innovation and development, working with social, ecological and cultural responsibility; fulfilling the satisfaction of our clients and collaborators.


Being a nationally and internationally recognized company in the production and marketing of beekeeping products with the highest quality and safety. Achieving active participation in the sector being a profitable company reference, which works in a social and ecological balance.


– Innovation: Search for new opportunities for continuous improvement in our products and processes

– Honesty: Provide guaranteed quality products and be straight in our attention processes to our customers and partners.

– Teamwork: To achieve great results it is necessary to be able to work together between collaborators and also external entities such as clients and organizations

– Trust: To provide is through full compliance with our compromises and standards, towards our clients and collaborators.

– Compromise: Taking each of our activities as an agreement and objective to meet, as well as putting all our effort and ability to achieve it.