Quality And Certifications

The food trade is very sophisticated due to the characteristics and properties of the product and in the case of honey, being a food of international commercial scales, it is subject to the observance of various regulations. For this reason, at DELIMAB we work in accordance with national and international regulations regarding the handling and processing of honey. Therefore we are constantly updating and evolving various quality and safety management systems applied to honey, to guarantee our product.

  • Monitoring of toxic waste through reference laboratory analysis approved and authorized by national authorities
  • Trained and constantly updated staff
  • Safeguarding of control samples and monitoring of traceability
  • Updating and certification of various Quality and Safety management systems:

FDA registration

Current registration as operated before the Food and Drug Administration of the government of the United States of America.


Certification by the International HACCP Alliance

This Certification granted for the training and updating of the Hazard Analysis System and Critical Control Points (HACCP) towards food handling.


Certification in Good Management Practices and Honey Packaging

This certification granted by the National Agrifood Health, Safety and Quality Service of government (SENASICA), as an endorsement of the implementation of good honey handling and packaging practices.