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Las delicias del Mayab

Pura y natural Miel de Yucatán

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The relationship of the human being with the bee dates back thousands of years, in it the human being has recognized the virtue and benefits of the various elements that it produces. Mexico is recognized worldwide as an important beekeeping country, thanks to the great diversity of honey and its quality. Evidence of this is the large amount of honey that Mexico exports to other countries. Beekeeping and stingless bees cultivate are activities rooted in natives communities in our country and in Yucatan it is no exception. In Mayan communities, is an ancestral activity within this culture.

These activities are of significant value in various aspects: Ecological, Social, Economic, Health, Food, etc. For this reason, at Delimab we are committed to understanding and integrating the necessary elements for the development of integrative beekeeping. In balance with the environment and a trigger for community development.


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